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Grateful Doggies specializes in transport from the southeast to the northeast each week, 52 weeks a year, to pre determined stops that are listed on the form as well as under the appropriate "Locations Tabs" which includes interactive maps.  Please fill out your request non the appropriate form as explained below:

South to North- This is our standard route which has its own tab " weekly route" that lists times and locations. Times are subject to change but primarily do not change each week. The cost for standard South to North Transport is a flat rate $125 per dog (see rates page for puppies/split crates)

North to South- Please note that we depart each week between 12 noon and 2pm Thursday afternoons.  These times arent exact because of traffic.Dog(s) would have to be dropped off in Middletown NY the day of transport between 11am and 1pm or along our route heading south.  We travel west on Route 84 to Route 81 so the stops along route 95 are not available for reverse transport.  Please note that we can not travel North before ourjourney south begins.  Private transport is available if need be.  The cost for North to South is a flat rate of $100

Private Transport- We offer private transports to anywhere in the US and prices are based upon location and number of stops and animals.  We do transports for one rescue only or a partnership of rescue.

Local Transport- We can help with vet visits, play dates,hiking trips, dog park visits, relocation and more.  Let us know your needs so we can accomodate you best.