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Grateful Doggies – Transport Rates and Policies 2015


All Dogs are flat rate  $125


All Cats are flat rate $75


Litters of Pups: Each crate needed will be charged $125 and there is an additional charge of $5 per puppy (up to 10 weeks old)


Crate splitting*: The first animal will be $125 and the additional animal in the crate will be $75


*This is only allowed for animals that have been boarded together or lived together, bonded pairs.  Transport is not the time to see if two animals will get along for their safety and for our crew. The max size crate for splitting is 36” crate.  Larger crates will not be used for splitting since their availability is at a minimum and we need to hold those for larger dogs that require it for travel i.e. Great Danes, Corsos, Rottweilers and the likes


Half Trip animals:    The cost to send a dog between two of our existing pick up spots (does not include our drop off spots) is $75.


North to South Transport:  The cost to send an animal south from our departure location of Fair Lawn NJ to one of our existing spots is $100 for a dog and $50 for a cat.  We do not and can not travel North prior to our departure south.  Keep in mind that we travel from Fair Lawn NJ west on 287 to 78 to 81.  We do not travel the same way south as we do North.  We can not take the dogs from the north to our existing drop off spots, only pick up spots, since they would have to be on transport much longer than we are willing to and deem humane.


Cancelations:  We understand that health issues arise and know it's impossible to predict them but all too often we have people cancel for reasons such as: “The foster can't make it to the stop on Sunday, sorry” “We found alternate or volunteer transport” or “Adopter backed out, we will let you know when we have another”.  Unfortunately when we are full and hold spots for your animals, another dog has to wait a week which ties up another foster home space or boarding kennel and that is one less place for a dog to get pulled out of the shelter.  So this leads to more costs for other rescues that have to board an additional week and it also is not helping to save lives if there is no room to place new dogs sprung from  the shelter.  That being said, be sure that you are sure that the dog will be ready to the best of your knowledge and always have a back up plan. Health Certificates should be obtained by Wednesday at the latest. The cost for canceling changes depending when you cancel.  If you cancel before Wednesday afternoon, there is no charge.  Wednesday night, Thursday or early Friday morning (before 10am) there will be a $75 cancellation fee.  Any cancellations on Friday after 10 am or Saturday will be charged full rate for transport as discussed and agreed upon prior.


Reservations:  We only accept reservations on our website @  If we speak via phone, text, msg, facebook or any medium, the reservation will not be held until a form is filled out on site.  It is a time stamped system that keeps everyone in mind and we believe is most fair.


Payments accepted:  We do encourage cash payment and will offer a 5% discount if cash is paid.  We accept Paypal sent to [email protected]. We now accept checks, please make it out to “cash” (there is a $40 returned check fee).  Please remember with all payments to include your name and the animals name along with contact number.


Booking, Transport Forms and transport communications etc.:  When filling out the transport form be sure to include all of the correct information.  We need this info for our records required by USDA APHIS and some  states orgs .  Just putting your number twice or guessing who might be picking up or meeting  the dog from transport is not suffice.  We need working and accurate cell phone numbers that can receive texts because thats how updates from the road will be sent out. (we do understand there are people that do not or can not receive texts, just please make a note next to the phone number in that section)   We send our route out late Wednesday night (after midnight) with all  pertinent info, most important the exact times.  Do not tell anyone our estimated times are concrete. We email the route to everyone that is listed on the transport form, there is now an additional spot to add emails and numbers of other people who you would like to receive the route.  If there is any changes we will contact you asap.  Please save our email address as  “trusted sender” so our email  does not get sent to spam.   If you are to change or add information please fill out form again and choose the “Update” option

No Crate Will Be Held In Reservation Until A Completed

Transport Form Has Been Received. No Exceptions.